Parasites: signs of hand infection in the body and roads

Parasites in the human body is a common phenomenon. How income and parasites which can cause diseases which infect. Why start treatment, read our article properly and promptly and Without Medication rid of parasites .. etc.

Parasitic diseases in the world, 4.5 billion people, 9, 10 cases disease, intestinal worms, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). In Europe, including parasites (intestinal worms) every third inhabitant Marvel! The main task of any noise — to live quietly in the human body the vital organs: intestine, liver, kidney, lung, heart, brain, etc.

Parasites in the human body

Hotel facts about worms and other parasites

This way against various diseases:

  • Toxoplasma , causing many deformities, congenital diseases in children, the accumulation of mental development.
  • Giardia and why a lot of effects liver liver disease.
  • Roundworm why lung, bile and intestinal diseases.
  • Pinworms — intestinal diseases abundance.
  • Fascioliasis allergies, dyskinesia biliary tract, chronic hepatitis.
  • Fasciolopsis joins various stages in the formation and development.
  • Chlamydia can cause infertility, indigestion, various lesions, including the pancreas (diabetes), liver and heart attack. Chlamydia infection is dangerous, then why is clearly inflammation. It is a disease that can be a lot of blood and chlamydia. Almost no signs of chlamydia usually flows. Within 40-50 years and a heart attack! Because this problem is the result of, chlamydia is very stubborn, and also, how about "hang on to yourself," white blood cells. So, the body fight chlamydia itself and it's not almost, he simply does not notice them.
  • Including chronic, cancer, disease 80% of cases cause exposed to parasites (worms, fungi, protozoa).
  • A person's name for a biological enemy, Trichomonas.

Colonies forming the walls of the blood vessels, that lead to the development of atherosclerosis Trichomonas with all the consequences. Open the feature in 1989, Trichomonas, to convert normal cells to malignant. Trichomonas cause diseases of the urinary system, intestines, mouth, blood, blood vessels,. Illness: diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, stroke, heart attack, cancer.

  • Nervousness infected with intestinal worms, parasites.

And metabolic products and toxic substances allocated parasites (intestinal worms), irritation, central nervous system. Anxiety and irritability, frequent result is that the infecting parasites.

  • Disease, sleep disorder, intestinal worms, parasites.

I wake up often in the middle of the night, especially between 2-3 hours, maybe for this reason the body, the liver tries to get rid of toxic substances. Chinese medicine by propositions, right around this time, activates the liver, because of the presence of parasites, needs a lot of work, this is blocking. restful sleep. In addition to the disruption of sleep tonight out of some parasites through the anus, why it arises, and there is a sense of severe itching.

  • Chronic fatigue are infected with intestinal worms, parasites.

Fatigue, apathy, depression, impaired concentration and memory may be related by the presence of parasites (worms), this leads to a lack of nutrients in the body that attackers ultimately our lives. It is inevitable that you are missing essential vitamins and trace elements, well-being and mood.

  • Numerous patients have intestinal worms:

anemia, asthma, arthritis, allergosis, autoimmune disease, gallstone disease, dyskinesia, cholecystitis Hepato pancreatitis the dysbiosis, dysentery, night, urinary incontinence, Crohn's disease, immune disorders, intestinal inflammation, rheumatism, various infections, mouth and gum disease, ulcerative colitis.

  • Symptoms of infection, intestinal worms, parasites.

Chairs with a stench. Frequently arise, aqueous liquid or a chair or recurrent constipation. Recurrent spasms of the abdomen with rumbling and gurgling stomach as well as is not associated with hunger. Chest pain or heartburn previously had. Inflammation and breast augmentation is not associated with the menstrual cycle.

Similar symptoms to the flu such as coughing, runny nose and fever. Is a product of many types of food allergies. Itching around the anus, especially at night. Inexplicable headaches. For various skin problems — psoriasis, an ordinary pimple. Hair loss. Sudden weight loss may indicate the presence of parasites in the body, or full, or vice versa, sudden and unexplained weight gain.

Wolf then uncovered the body, treatment should begin immediately. But how, you have no clue.

  • Kill the parasites in this recipe — radical, but it is not for the faint of heart. You fall into a stupor reinforced. Just because someone is dating, so this is just the tip of the iceberg. But understand, you must get rid of them! They won't let you calmly live.

Buy a small bottle of Pharmacy castor oil and cognac. Anything after 18.00 pm in the evening eating and drinking. 2.00 drink night 50 ml of cognac. After 30 minutes, 50 ml of castor oil drink. Kurt is glued to the outside of the stool as you out it's not very tight and adheres to the intestinal wall hooks, suction cups and all kinds of tobacco (also, by the way, and abdominal pain). The same Brandy unabated them awake, get them drunk if you want. And then they self-control does not and is useless now, you, coconut oil delete them, and they go out.

  • Another way. That, perhaps, it will require more time, but it is easier to implement. This mixture of three herbs "the triad", this positive effect on the entire digestive system, stimulates the liver. So, intestinal worms, you that you drink the mixture of the inhibitor and just works. This mix is a big plus that kills the adult parasites, larvae and eggs of parasites at any developmental stage and even we came to get.

Cooking method: wormwood plant, there is Chichewa tansy and cloves (the spice) of getting equal amounts, like a coffee grinder, grind a shallow — dust and 3 times per day to get 0, 5 h. l. 10-day. No interference in this life. There's a mixture too. Tansy and wormwood and clove sold in pharmacies — where any grocery spices and condiments.

It is helpful to drink collection "triad" 10 days 2 times in a year. "Triad" is suitable for everyone.

Here's how it works: yes, these other three components and their properties, not only to kill any will. The surface of their protective cover (through which our digestive enzymes to digest them) loses the properties of parasites just digested. So no one will not see them, and they did what they for, and how much. This is the border.

I know exactly what you are infected with a drink collection "triad" 10 days, 10 days later for 10 days and repeat drink — pin results.

A background note on parasite control by using tools in the wash house, anything can happen. All bed linen and underwear underwear boil wash with bleach each item, furniture, flooring, circuit breakers (and especially when dealing with what often), and the best wash everything. Need this for the eggs, worms and prevent re-infection. The collection "The Triad" and buy pharmacy.

  • Is there a better way. In the evening, put it in the fire, a cup of milk, bring to a boil but don't boil. Boiling peeled and diced 2 large garlic head. Immediately remove from the heat, wrap the lid tightly to the hot (in a thermos to keep it warm so for a long time). Get up in the morning and drink on an empty stomach. The Wolf will start to come out for 30 minutes — an hour. 2 hours after eating. To do so 3 times in succession. A very good prevention and treatment.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is effectively helps to fight intestinal worms, especially intestinal ones settled with. A particularly good combination, above, the proposed funding with Peroxide (10 drops 3% hydrogen peroxide, half a cup of Water, 3 times a day).

The experiment to prevent the entry of the parasites into the body. And here come to the aid of hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is not harmful to fish it is recommended to wash microflora. The same is true for vegetables and fruit.

After work, wipe the hands with drugstore hydrogen peroxide to destroy helminth eggs in soil. You should be especially careful-cooked meat products, ultimately meat, especially pork, that are included in many parasites. Just rinse cuts of meat knives, kitchen utensils, cutting boards, wash with soap and water, however, hydrogen peroxide and then delete it.

Is extremely helpful when you restore acid-base balance, body to spend "cleaning" it's your body. Procedure for "purification" should start with a bowel cleansing enema.