You need to pass tests in which blood parasites

Suspected infection of intestinal worms, parasites in the human body the necessary tests, the adult, the results of which they are able to confirm or deny that it's a disease. Control the stool or blood of the test material to detect helminth eggs, their larvae, pinworms, or Giardia. That will help you to avoid any unpleasant consequences to get done in time is a dangerous disease to treat.

The route worms

This blood worms or parasites in the stool analysis this study of medical terminology, giardia, or other protozoa and worms. Adult body there are several ways they can:

  • through pet;
  • in case of failure, personal hygiene, dirty hands, fruits, vegetables;
  • carrier service cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes;
  • an infected waters.

Medical doctors test for human parasites manifestation of languages by putting features such as the indications, adverse symptoms and signs:

  • a reduction in weight without changes in volume consumed food;
  • The study of blood
  • the anus itching;
  • returning, Walter;
  • easy fatigability, tiredness, shy behavior;
  • the problem for a portion of the intestine: diarrhea, gas, abdominal pain, vomiting;
  • the strongest poison, if worms to develop at an accelerated pace;
  • headache, dizziness, nausea;
  • mild allergy symptoms are rash, urticaria;
  • immune, constant stress, insomnia;
  • it may be uncomfortable, low hemoglobin level,;
  • monthly increased pain woman, a failed cycle, ovarian inflammation;
  • prostatitis, cystitis, the risk of problems with the potential of a man.

Modern methods refers to blood parasites, which are many sub-types:

  • enzyme – antibodies and antigens definitions, the most expensive cost and time-consuming method;
  • scan shows a haemo, there are adult worms in the body, what is their livelihood;
  • serological – parasites in the blood is defined according to one study, serum antibodies determines, but minus the difficulty of defining a fashion the stage of the disease;
  • PCR blood, urine, plasma or serum DNA or RNA molecules determines helminth plots.

To spend a blood test, parasitic worms and Giardia immunoassay of antibodies and antigens by 3 mL of venous blood is taken from patients and Control Research. Observe putting on reliable diagnostic for staging materials:

  • tests for giardia, the adult is taken, the lab rental, on an empty stomach in the morning, the fence is allowed to drink only water;
  • at least eight hours must pass before the last supper;
  • cancel the purchase for a few weeks and all medications, dosage etc and if this is not possible, specify the names of the pharmaceutical;
  • your daily diet, eliminate alcohol, fried, greasy foods, and not spend a great physical exertion.

Blood parasites

Blood parasites — a mandatory procedure for anyone who works in the field of medical care, educational institutions, animal, or planning to participate in the educational institutions. Coprogram the contrary, modern tests, blood worms infestations and trail the effectiveness of treatment provide able to give a more accurate result. This type of survey performed quickly and requires a lot of time to decrypt.

A sad medical statistics approximately every 3 people today are relevant to helminth problem. Moving house, office, and educational institutions, unwashed vegetables and fruits, handshake — all this is familiar, each is an adult and a child to become what is your source for the infecting parasites. Even though the symptoms, and to manifest in almost all cases, a highly negative effect on the human body with parasites: cause a worsening appetite, to contribute to the development of, allergy, pain, damaged organs, poor digestion, talented and sometimes can cause death. Considering this, no concession parasite tests, each person (preferably each year).

The survey cannot delay, ah, the manifest-specific symptoms of helminthiasis:

  • sudden weight loss;
  • urticaria;
  • often nausea;
  • the food in disgust;
  • a sharp decrease in hemoglobin;
  • nervousness or insomnia, in children.

My work is necessarily also a group of people every 6-8 months should check blood. This applies in particular include:

  • frequent flashes helminthiasis in the land of the living;
  • this little boy and deal with the ones that are running educational institutions;
  • health workers;
  • all employees food;
  • working a person and an animal, as well as their family members (vets, employees, meat processing plants, shepherds, breed, workers, circus and zoo, etc.).

Also, blood worms you need to get all children in school and pre-school will soon have to attend, an educational institution, mugs. Discover the needs of parasites in the blood, pregnant, a child on the eve of vaccine. In addition, the treated parasites passed after repeated tests the value of the donation.

Today, the experts for the most popular and reliable analysis, enzyme immunoassay, blood parasites. The main objective in this method a high precision Laboratory a blood antibody or a different mind-parasites. Immunoglobulins same (so-called antibodies) should include a natural immune system reaction, and have a purpose, neutralize a negative agent.

Definitive diagnosis using expert manages to understand how long it takes and what flows with intensity of 3 different types of worm disease, immunoglobulin, diagnostic agents:

  1. Introduced a class of blood approximately 2-4 weeks after infection for one child or adult. In this case, almost 80% of the visible mucous membranes, and only 20% stays in the blood. After treatment, the immunoglobulin class can be available, no more a month. If re-analysis again finds them the parasites, the disease is chronic passed.
  2. M. The presence of the parasite class fastest response. Blood infection if it is found already 5 days. However, what they are is useless — for 2 months, then slowly excreted. This indicator, related to a result that can make doctor if you have acute helminthiasis at a given time.
  3. Appears in a relatively late Class G. After 1 month the worm infestation. However, the images of them more than six months. To use them, to understand how much people have helminthiasis.

Compared with other laboratory methods, ELISA, there are some advantages, especially:

  • high precision;
  • ability to determine the stage of the disease;
  • versatility;
  • the opportunity to use a mass population survey;
  • an appropriate adult and a child.

Helminthiasis is suitable for analysis to identify the enzyme that you can use such as:

  • giardiazis;
  • passage;
  • trichinosis;
  • leishmaniasis;
  • askariazis;
  • cysticercosis;
  • fascioliasis;
  • opisthorchiasis;
  • hydatid cyst.

Scan a Haemo — parasites the most modern Test, children and adults. With his help manages to occur like the following:

  • it's a specific parasite;
  • the structure and the number of cells;
  • erythrocyte count;
  • Blood vessels delivery
  • degree, blood viscosity;
  • status of the immune system;
  • the presence of fungi and viruses.

In contrast, ELISA, haemo allows you to scan a fence only a few drops of blood from a finger. Liquid and is placed in sterile glass, and then carefully examined under a microscope. Increases the number reaches 1800-2000 times. In this case, too, any additional processing (use of enzymes, colorants, dehumidification, etc.). Modern clinics because an image is displayed in the patient monitor has the capability to observe the process, research, verify, fungi and worms. Larval parasites may be a shocking image. Is performed if necessary, photo, or video of a successful study.

This is a fast method, after all, you can learn that your own health situation and the information you were sick already after 10-15 minutes.

It should be noted that a stand-alone method, the scan actually haemo parasite detection is not used. The whole thing, the excitement of different parasites that may remain in the human body in a different localization. In each case, the larvae transition blood. Reduced erythrocyte count and provides suspect the existence helminth (parasites, some blood flow and nutrients), increased white blood cell count (cue the struggle of the body interference), dense plasma.

Created a method with helminthiasis if 1 fails, the doctor recommends additional laboratory studies:

  1. Serological analysis. Applies options such as immunological, ELISA. However, on the contrary, last, first, own blood and serum in order to investigate. For information, your doctor will use a reaction between antibodies and antigens. Serological analysis is not performed and only a doctor is there any doubt in any helminth. If there are parasites in the human body, the expert the difference is a net reaction.
  2. PCR diagnosis. It does not to understand the developmental stage of worm infestation and is not recommended, while all kinds of vermin. It is available only to him to understand, and simple worms in the human body. The main task of laboratory technician, in such a case, the search — DNA and RNA interference. Does not play any role in this case, the estimated noise dead or alive. An opportunity for an authoritative study of any material, in particular, urine, blood, or stool. Such an analysis can be more originality to give up a couple of times.
  3. Vegetative resonance test. Determination method of resonance between the human body and medicine etc. As recent transaction information environments a variety of helminth species. All the frequency data for each parasite species detected in 1989 by scientists VRT (how is it called this method) and it gives the process only in laboratory conditions, in which case the immune system of a person, a particular time period. Do you have allergies doctor VRT Ile got to find him toxic to the organism, bacterial, parasitic effect or not.
  4. A detailed blood analysis. Full or excessive or vice versa, low hemoglobin, decreased erythrocyte count, increased eosinophil count — ground symptoms of the presence of the suspect and dangerous in the human body to give them the opportunity.

By putting the features you have to use the method which is directly connected to the analysis and to suspect interference of any kind. Generally, blood sampling is done in Vienna, and in some cases, (a haemo scan ) finger. Only 10-15 ml for blood to determine a diagnosis.

By putting specific rules that you must comply with to get the most reliable information, clinical analysis:

  1. Blood sampling the previous day the patient not consume too salty, fatty foods (such as white blood count because she can change); products cause allergies — honey, citrus (increase level of eosinophils, what, when, and also helminthiasis); foods rich in essential oils — garlic, onion, ginger (parasites affects the activity).
  2. Better material donation on an empty stomach. Let's have a small amount of pure water.
  3. I must say that necessarily, the doctor about medications used for the last 2 weeks.
  4. A few days ago, it's not recommended to use any physiotherapy treatment delivered analysis (including chest X-ray, ULTRASOUND, X-ray).
  5. Give up alcoholic beverages for at least a week ago and tools blood contains high concentrations of ethyl alcohol.
  6. At least 2 hours before delivery time to quit smoking test.

If you have a strong helminthosis pregnant, and the newborn examination is required. Climbs bleeding, umbilical cord or placenta.

2-3 days is usually sufficient to perform a research technician. A little more for a period of time (5 days) if the package parasitic immunological research is performed on different types of spend.

Only you should engage an expert to decipher. That remains the most straightforward interpretation haemo scanning, and PCR diagnosis. They also identified the larvae of the parasite, or it doesn't.

With a method called Elisha to be a difficult situation. The doctor immunoglobulins consider the request Group 3. Thus, acute disease of tell, if approved, the combination: a positive immunoglobulin M-class and a-class or G may be positive or negative. In the chronic form about report data: missing class class of immunoglobulin km and B and G can be positive or negative.

In this case, if any, mentioned above to the analysis of a positive result, the treatment of helminthiasis with a draw is not worth it. Once complete, the designated treatment by a doctor is required for re-lease analysis, however, to do this for about 2-3 months after the administration of medication etc. Without knowing it, in which you need to pass the tests, better consult a doctor-therapist, infectious diseases, gastroenterologists, or parasitologist.