Folk remedies parasites in the human body

Parasites weaken the body health into the hands of poison. Impossible against them 100%. Regular inspection and cleaning – a necessary precaution. To get rid of parasites, optionally antiparazit pharmacy to buy synthetic drugs. A safer working tool. Collected here are time-tested recipes, it is worth attention.

Bright and Helminthic infestation is accompanied by a variety of symptoms that are always happening. A person can be in a few years if you are not speculating about in his body parasites. In this case, he feels the problems: a bad mood, insomnia, problems, hair, nails. Received vitamins or supplements generally have a positive effect on the complex.

parasites of money

More harmful parasites:

  • exacerbate allergies and skin diseases;
  • if violated, the digestive system;
  • the poison toxins into the body;
  • foods that prevent the absorption;
  • weaken the immune.

They affect the functioning of all human organs and systems. Start faster treatment of intestinal parasites (and other species), it will hurt less.

Always reveal yourself intruder, so we recommend that you investigate. The problem during laboratory tests to detect and identify the parasite.

Turkish folk recipes parasite

Elisa analysis revealed that if blood parasites, detect and remove or make them optional for use in treating synthetic drugs. A lot of people the recipes gives the best results. Most existing products are based on. It is important for them high quality. Unacceptable formulations of baking dishes you can use plastic or metal oxidizing. Enamel glass containers to give a smarter choice.

Herbal teas, tinctures, alcohol free, limited shelf life, so preparing for one day only.

Pumpkin seeds

A soft cure parasites, which are often used at home. It contains a substance pumpkin seeds paralyzed worms. Lacks intestinal parasites cling to the walls and is dying comes naturally. This substance is harmless for a human, Ten any number of seeds consumed. This milk product but much more efficient.


  • 120 GR core;
  • 150 ml milk.


Mix sunflower seeds with milk in a blender. For use on an empty stomach in the morning, instead of breakfast. Do not drink anything for an hour. 3 hours later, make cleansing enemas.


Garlic – the most popular vegetable parasites propagate the value in the second row. This tool is contraindicated for people with the disease of stomach.

Garlic is effective for any parasites:

  • roundworm
  • filaria;
  • giardia;
  • pinworms.

Add 12 drops of fresh garlic juice and a glass of warm milk, to drink in the morning. A week to 10 days after the course again. Garlic against intestinal parasites enemas often with water. Need to get 5-7 garlic cloves 0.5 litres, gives to insist night, and serve.


A unique natural remedy .. etc., necessarily will help control the parasite. Effective against tapeworms and other helminth different types of Chanterelles. This is the most popular and secure shoe, parasites in the body of Turkish folk remedies. Most commonly used for preparing tinctures, fresh mushrooms. Quality moonshine vodka should be changed.

In the meantime, these worms never prove the effectiveness of that type of fungi.


  • vodka;
  • chanterelles.


Grind the mushrooms, chop with a knife possible. Add half the jar to fill to the mouth of 0,5 liter vodka (moonshine), shake, stand 10-14 days, drain. In the evening teaspoon in the morning and consumed on an empty stomach. Or drink 2 teaspoon tincture apply.

Aspen bark

Poplar bark die happy

Peel and boil 500 ml water 50 g to bind for 5 minutes, simmer for 3 hours a night leave. A separate meal 5 times a day drink for her throat. 3 weeks of treatment.


This remedy the good fight with vermin 60 years and over. Ginger in addition to eliminating the helminth increases the flow of bile, liver cleanses, soothes pain and spasms, slag images.

Method of application: brew any tea, 1 teaspoon of grated ginger. Drink a cup every day for three weeks.


Iodine, such as soda, helps to get rid of various parasites, I would not stand in front of Cork, tape and round worms. Mix 2 teaspoons of baking tools. starch, add sugar, 100 ml water, 1 pinch of citric acid. Bring to a boil, remove from heat, C, 150 ml of water and 2 tsp. order from pharmacy iodine.

Admission for adults this gel to a Glass 3 times a day. Children take 10 years means about 0,3 glass. 0.5 cups to 10 years of age.

Birch tar

Tar is used to treat pharmacy. You can't apply the vehicle's own fabrication.

Different schema, an option here. Tablespoons apple juice drink each morning and 1 drop of tar, a drop off next week, every day, slowly bringing it up to 7 drops. A month to get such a rate, then a 3 months to Dec.


Decoction of bark used for treatment. To remove the shell with a hand grenade, 250 pour boiling water, bring to a boil and five minutes and an hour insist. Drain, peel and squeeze. Drink 3-4 during 1.5 hours. It's not to eat not to drink anything for the next 4 hours.

Flax seed

10 the blend flax (seed), 1 clove and chop. Acceptance in any suitable manner, powder, 20 grams every day for a month. You can add meals, drinks or accept separately, squeezed the juice.


Just to add spice in different dishes, but the better use for the custom essay, turmeric, garlic, ginger. The conditions of the day into equal parts the ingredients are mixed in a closed container at room temperature. Buy 1 h. l. morning and evening 7 days in a row.

Black walnut

To treat the most common black walnut tincture. Buy 2 tsp. breakfast, lunch, and before dinner for two weeks.

Parasite vegetable oils

Vegetable oils, the most simple method, like a parasite, a requires preparation. High, you need to do, according to the other ingredients in the mix is prescribed.

Used for cleaning, only unrefined oils. Well, if they are pressed directly. Timing is also important that you read the shelf, is a valuable nutrient products more fresh.

Castor oil (cognac)

Mix 50 ml brandy and 2-3 tablespoons castor oil. Drink at night and 3-4 hours later, a light always is the answer. Preferably, an off day when it comes to cleansing, so that there is as a tool has a laxative effect.

Black Cumin Oil

Buy 10 ml before meals three times a day. 2 weeks later again. To improve the taste, mix with yogurt, fruit juice or any other beverage with low sugar.

Pumpkin oil

Way, without treatment, cleaning and enema. Appropriate for children and adults that helps to cope with parasites. Fleece bumper that need to be made, wet, oil, close to night anal hole. Again 40 days.

Flax seed oil

3-4 times a day before meals get 1 teaspoon butter (about 20-30 minutes). If you can obtain a better effect, Wash St John's wort to boiling.

Essential oils

They added an anti-parasitic cleansing enemas with oils. That are used are generally esters, lemon or eucalyptus. Oil base (sunflower, flax, pumpkin) and added 3-4 drops.

Coconut oil

Buy 1 h. l. raw coconut oil, 3 times a day before meals, gradually increasing to 1 tablespoon for a serving can be any amount you like 7 days to get a wash forward hot herbal tea, or water.

herbs, parasite


For dealing with vermin most commonly accepted herbs. Showed the best side of the most popular recipes here. All herbs, preferably buy from pharmacy. If they own the internet to execute remote collection of land and housing reservations around the net your path is very comfortable.


The lethal agent, whom would not stand against even flat worms. Like to buy him a drug that has a pharmacy .. etc, but better is to cook it yourself. Will be released at the same time much cheaper cost. Someone here recipes, variations with different additives (nuts, seeds, other plants).


  • 4 tablespoons tansy;
  • 1 tablespoon pelin;
  • 1 tbsp cloves.


Mix the grated ingredients. 1 tablespoon of breakfast the first day, drink water. To use the second day before breakfast and before dinner. On the third day morning, noon and night.


What mugwort infusion enema, but more often to get into the grass. This grind to get dry grass in the morning and 1 teaspoon in the evening. a week full of normal water to drink. Repeat a month.

Worm grass

Get 1 teaspoon grated tansy in the morning and evening for 30 days. Wash 1 tablespoon. warm water. Half an hour to get food. A month repeat cleaning if necessary, but a course of two weeks is sufficient.


Dry mix 1 part vodka and 10 chamomile to insist 2 weeks, drain. To get 30 drops before meals 4 times a day for three weeks.

How to get rid of parasites 3 days

Quickly view of the parasite there's an adult man, that helps the system. Those people that may be suitable to buy a house, an infusion before meals.

How fast will cleanse the body:

  1. Cleaning power normalized 5-7 days ago. Edge products, wheat flour, potatoes, sugar, starch.
  2. Mix 100 g dry herbs: Tansy, sage, buckthorn. To Brew, Mix 1 tablespoon in 2 cups of boiling water and drink 30 minutes before each meal 100 g for 3 full days.
  3. Oil enema to do daily cleansing or soda.

The chair proposed for closely a week later, prevent constipation. Taking, if necessary, a gentle laxative it is.

Infecting parasites prevention

Parasites can enter the body, water, food, over, dirty hands, unwashed vegetables. Therefore important prevention – adhere to purity. Important wash vegetables thoroughly, rinsing in hot water it possible. Always wash your hands after street. If you have such an opportunity, then, to handle special anti-bacterial gel or wipes.

The second important point – limit the use of raw fish, meat. The products carefully, boil, bake, fry. Some national You Prepared Korean dishes, Chinese cuisine, meat and fish processing often vinegar.

Eating street should be treated carefully. Danger, just fastfood, however, handkerchiefs with hand vendors take the money, cook the food to customers.


Dealing with parasites that may seem like it's not that hard. A simple and affordable way to there is an incredible number. That matters only in increasing doses and try to follow the recipe to speed up the process. Become poison .. etc any drug, if an irresponsible approach to therapy.