Parasites in the human body, an infection symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Statistical research, the death rate among patients with Vascular Pathology and cardiology are the highest of the population. Next stop, cancer patients and patients with brain hemorrhages. The occurrence of the disease in the last stage the parasite and stand on the hierarchy. But the piece clearly shows that the development of the pathologies listed above this level occur at the final stage.

Parasites in the body

Development, parasitic diseases

Statistics, but already the DSO data, the confirmed — 85% of all disease, a detrimental effect parasites living in humans, or as a result of their metabolism. They occupy the digestive system, important systems and organs of human. It detects them, brain, lung structures, heart, and kidneys, in the liver cells under the skin and clothing layer. Representatives of this class of life "credo" — To Keep own their own home for as long as possible.

As a result, they developed a unique mounting system in the process of evolution – paddle-foot, an extremely powerful device, mouth, and especially the fascia of the organ (hooks, suckers).

Each parasite individuals at the highest level is the development of the productive organs. For example, a worm capable of more than 20 thousand eggs at least one day delay for hookworm, round worm, roundworm family – 200 thousand, a sample, a 5 million tapeworm eggs. >Entity, many of a person for a long time (sometimes years) maybe stay hidden, provoking throughout various acute and chronic diseases. The round worms are possible representatives:

  • provoke development of bronchopulmonary diseases;
  • shoot tissue, liver and pancreas;
  • localized urogenital system, sinuses, forehead, ear, nose tap it again to me again insanely channels and Channel;
  • why does a skin allergy and asthma.

Presence of giardia, which is why full body slimming and digestive problems. Parasites provoke:

  • development of inflammatory joint pathologies;
  • pathological changes in the joint;
  • defeat the skeletal muscles and bone tissue;
  • cystitis, prostatitis and gynecological diseases.

It hurt just a little pinch of this specific parasite. Proven, obese people wolf they love. The organism of the kingdom "after seeing the representative of a broad field of activities necessarily invite Petkim" as a result of:

  1. Body experience lack of the necessary amount of vitamins and nutrients.
  2. Lesions increases the likelihood of frequent colds.
  3. Attenuated anti-cancer protection.
  4. Violated the mechanical and reflex function.

HIV infected adults and children

From the invasion of the roads is different and is very diverse because the rest are able to live in any environment where larval Archlord. This does not necessarily mean it must be, dirty hands. The possibility of infection represents a major animals.

They can be domestic, there are several parasite species. For example, breathing, talented dog infection distribute 5 m. run away, a three-meter – cat. Ascaris eggs were sent to the front over the fall of dirty hands and bodies of the insects.

The route worms

In every joke there is some truth in the blame because the invading parasites generally inadequate treatment or wrong in cooking, fat adds trichinella our flora home. Violation liver due to parasites or caviar salted fish products is the result of us Technology Awards ribbon or tape. The open type can be connected in a manner effective invasive in contaminated soil and water, and larval penetration through human skin in slimy layers or Archlord whom you can contact.

It serves a contributing factor to infection, dust, water and man-made mixture (alcohol, phenol, detergent, dish) with a catalyst to accelerate the metabolic cycle and reproductive parasite of many species.

Also, intrauterine infection and birth during the present when she gave birth to worms. Child-all can be admired the mucous surface of the body and skin. To achieve six months, the baby is infected in the process of covering the whole body. Manifest:

  • to consume;
  • problems with the pancreas;
  • causes of Type 2 diabetes;
  • operations and other tumor pathologies.

The parasite symptoms in the human body

Development can develop a parasitic, all fabric structures and organs because the symptoms are quite diverse and depends on the localisation of parasites in the human body is harmful. Worms moved to Dessau the most intense digestive system. Pathogens in beef tapeworm infection (Stephen, beef and pork), this difillobotrioz (dwarf tapeworm) and the upper region of the small intestine localized Massaggio.

Just below, in the third part, the ribbon worms. Whipworm habitat – the large intestine and bile channels in the liver progress and took the fancy of the worm opisthorchiasis. Halo pinworms life – cut the entire colon and the lower the lumen of the small intestine.

Individual's distribution, habitat, to the circumstances of each individual that will make you feel best provides a perfect opportunity for everyone's survival. Explain a single person in this body more than one parasite species. Parasites in the human body will manifest some signs:

  • adenomatous formations;
  • monthly painful and painful urination;
  • inflammatory reactions, ovarian, and adrenal glands;
  • hepatitis and dermatitis.

Many different illnesses with similar symptoms the condition symptoms of parasites in the human body, addiction, a timely diagnosis.

15 symptoms the presence of parasites in the body:

Joint pain
  1. Infrequent bowel movements – as a result a rich accumulation of intestinal worms, overlying bowel Lumen.
  2. Diarrhea – protozoal parasites, such as hormone secretion imbalance is created by chloride as a result fermions and watery stools.
  3. Gas bloating and intestinal gas formation as a result of inflammatory reactions under the influence of helminth why.
  4. Gastro-intestinal syndrome, familiar helpless a full assimilation lanolin (grease) as a result, inflammatory reactions triggered in the intestinal lining intestinal worms.
  5. Skeletal muscle pain and joints – synovitis results the texture of the noise of the crash and Nov them to injury, joints, tissue, for any reason, the parasitic presence of the immune response itself.
  6. Allergy manifestation – as a result, increased mucus the body's proteins (immunoglobulins, Ig e) react to form.
  7. Problematic skin such as eczema, rash, urticaria and dermatitis, neoplastic processes.
  8. Due to the large localization of Trichomonas or similar anaemia helminth-eating-blood-shaped elements, why, massive blood loss and iron imbalance.
  9. Granuloma formation in the digestive tract, a peritoneal and intrauterine cavity, in the lung tissue, and liver cells.
  10. Increased excitability – irritation of the skin due to toxic substances on the central nervous system of the worms.
  11. Night because of the insomnia symptoms the anal passage is opened due to the itchy worms.
  12. Bruxism – grinding sound, external, as a result of reactions on the central nervous system, irritant factor – Wolf.
  13. Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms the parasite is capable of manifesting in the human body that is the cause of negative choline, protein, and vitamins in violation of sucking.
  14. Weak immune function, why obesity or excessive hunger, development, anorexia nervosa, heart disease and malignant pathologies.
  15. The structure of the spinal cord lesion as a result of brain cancer pathologies, intestinal worms, and yeast.
Seborrheic skin

And external able to assume to occupy possible-featured man. Typically, crude oil or seborrheic acne her skin. May be covered with light spots and freckles. Celebrated early wrinkles, baldness, papilloma growths, deep heel cracks, delamination and brittle nail plates.

A new direction in the diagnosis of

1988 until the invasion of the parasite was carried out mainly by the standard methods of diagnosis – clinical tests or general anal band traces batting, permission, Center, parasites, especially intestinal. Subsequently frequently identified parasite in the process of localization of important organs or after opening the patient.

It was a lucky situation solve this problem. American doctor of natural medicine H. Clark, fans of the unexpected properties of the body opened Parasitology diagnostic and therapeutic training.

He built a device which extends the range of a solenoid to a large extent, all kinds of natural elements – synchrometer. Its frequency of radiation is capable of view and the intended biological and endogenous toxins, microbial flora, drugs, tumor cells, and much more.

This was the beginning the diagnosis of CR (resonance frequency) and CR treatment type. By studying for yourself, first of all, to the surprise of many found in your own body Hilda – good neighbor microbial, viral, and parasitic representatives of the determination it wouldn't be possible any other way. And after testing, the results showing a state brought many friends and stun them.

Dr Clark confirmed test X thousands than 88% of chronic diseases — the result of this noise, and endocrine effects. Fundamental of human disease, ignorant attitude, stunning visual representatives of a parasite the body.

A parasite that can cause anemia

Modern parasite treatment — bioresonance therapy

Bioresonance therapy the most effective treatment of the person, various parasitic forms, all developmental stages, regardless of its localization and the place. Why is the effect negative, ill.

Policy techniques, due to the electromagnetic effect, the device box with the frequency and structured, with a specific parasite. To detect this if the device comes up on the screen as a response an amplified resonant signal. Active areas of biological indicators, which captures the changes happening in the device. To suppress any parasitic forms of life necessarily to loosen the body antibiotics or antihistamines, the same, very, very safe.

By defining the metabolic activity frequency interference, electromagnetic vibrations are sent to the localization in places. In this case, the individual's rhythm helminth suppression of vital functions destroyed. Pulse frequency system, blocking the way for the treatment of helminth fermentation, degradation, cellular respiration and metabolism process. This greatly reduces toxic properties. Biochemical properties reduction of the causes of disorder, all processes and life support helminth. Now this is an easy and accessible destination for phagocytosis of the parasite leading to death.