How to remove parasites from the human body

Parasites are creatures that live at someone else's expense. There is no limit to the ingenuity of helminths when they have to enter the body of their owner and, hiding there indefinitely, live at his expense.

The presence of parasites in the human body does not pass without leaving a trace, causes irreparable damage, provokes many diseases and worsens the quality of life.

What is the danger of parasites to humans?

types of parasites in the human body

Worms are different, their size can be very small and vice versa, reaching up to seven to ten meters. Sometimes the worm's development cycle is such that people get the same helminth infestation more than once.

During the first cycle, the infection occurs in the gut. The second cycle is characterized by the introduction of parasites into muscle tissue, lungs, brain, kidneys, liver and other human organs.

The most common are parasites that live in the intestines of humans. They can enter the gallbladder, close the bile ducts and settle in the liver, causing dangerous and sometimes difficult to treat diseases.


This disease is characterized by the migration of parasite larvae through the liver to the lungs. They then end up in the gut again, where they grow into adult worms.


This disease is characterized by liver damage, which often leads to cirrhosis or cancer.


Tapeworm reaches people from poorly processed meat and fish. These parasites can live for a long time in the body of their host, showing absolutely no symptoms of their presence and reaching striking values. All this time they feed on man, depriving his body of nutrients.

One of the most dangerous of these parasites is porcine tapeworm, its eggs often migrate to muscle tissue, the brain, traveling through a person's blood vessels.


what parasites can live in the body

This disease is caused by methyl parasites, flatworms.


Such an infection is not easy to detect. The worm invisibly affects the eyes and nerve tissues. Allergic reactions arise from its presence, but people for a long time do not suspect who is actually the cause of all these troubles.


Echinococci lead a parasitic lifestyle in the liver and lungs of humans, bringing these organs to a deplorable state. This complex parasitic disease can only be eliminated by surgery.

Ways to fight parasites

People are constantly looking for ways to fight the worms that poison their lives.

There are three ways to remove parasites:

  • With the help of drugs. This is one of the most common methods of removing parasites from the body nowadays. Each of these drugs has toxic properties that sometimes cause side effects in humans.
  • Using folk methods. Many recipes have come down to us from the distant past. They are also considered effective methods in the fight against worms and when paired with drug therapy, their effect is doubled.
  • Surgery. Unfortunately, there are cases when the first and second methods are powerless against parasites. They should only be removed surgically.

Fighting parasites with the help of folk methods

There are many different ways to fight helminths. There are recipes that are used for a particular parasite. It has a universal spectrum of action and there are those that, in addition to anthelmintic properties, perfectly help cleanse the body.

For a long time people have noticed that helminths do not like the sharpness of pepper, the taste and smell of aromatic spices. It would be good to use onions, horseradish, garlic in cooking and add cinnamon and cloves to baked goods.

Methods for removing the simplest helminths

folk remedies to eliminate parasites

The most common parasites are:

  • Amoeba, lamblia, leishmaniasis, blastocyst, balantidia. These helminths prefer to parasitize the human digestive tract.
  • Trypanosome, babesia, the cause of malaria parasitizes the circulatory system.
  • Trichomonas lives in the genitourinary system.
  • Acanthameba, trypanosome, toxoplasma attack the liver, eyeballs, brain, heart. Toxoplasmosis is transmitted in most cases by cats. This disease is dangerous for the central nervous system and the unborn child.

Download methods:

  1. All these protozoan parasites can be defeated with an enema of cranberry juice. To do this, mix 2 tablespoons in 2 liters of water. l cranberry juice and 1 tbsp l sea salt. An enema should be done in the morning and evening. Well, if before it in the morning on an empty stomach take a porridge of 300 g of pumpkin seeds, 3 tablespoons of honey and a little water and after a few hours drink a laxative.
  2. Enema with garlic is excellent for all protozoan parasites. For it, take 6-8 medium cloves of garlic, boiled over medium heat in 1 liter of milk. The enema is best done after waking up.

How to treat giardiasis?

Several folk remedies have cured giardiasis. They are all simple and effective at the same time.

  • For prophylactic purposes and to get rid of this disease, sauerkraut brine helps. It is enough to drink 150 g of brine before meals.
  • There is a special collection of medicinal herbs, using 1 tbsp in the morning and evening before meals for 10 days, you can recover from giardiasis. For a decoction of this collection you will need 4 tablespoons of birch buds, 4 tablespoons of tansy, 2 tablespoons of yarrow and horsetail, 1 tablespoon of celandine.
  • You can insist dried lilac flowers in alcohol and use them for 10 days, 1 tsp before each meal.
  • The already well-known pumpkin seed paste is also considered an effective remedy for giardiasis.

Get rid of roundworms and tapeworms

how to remove parasites from the human body
  • Ascaris are discarded with cognac and castor oil. This recipe is recommended for adults only. For 2-3 days you should take 50 g of brandy with grapefruit juice and after 15 minutes 50 g of castor oil. The effect is not late.
  • Infusion prepared on the basis of mushrooms and chanterelles. The mushrooms are processed in a meat grinder and filled with vodka for 24 hours. This folk remedy is taken 1 tsp before bedtime.
  • Onion tincture is taken 150 g per day for 4 days. To prepare it, you need to take a medium onion, pour 2 tbsp. boiling water and leave for 12 hours.
  • Horseradish and garlic tincture helps with tapeworms and roundworms. For it you need to take horseradish, the same amount of garlic and pour alcohol for 10 days. The course of therapy with this tincture is at least a month. All this time you should take 1 tbsp tincture.
  • Decoction of avran leaves kills roundworms and dwarf tapeworms. To prepare it, 1 tsp pour 2 tbsp hot water and simmer on the fire for half an hour. It is necessary to drink the whole broth, 1 tsp, at intervals of 20 minutes.
  • Pomegranate peel tea helps fight tapeworms. The bark is filled with boiled water. This tincture is taken 1 tsp before meals.

As you can see, there are many ways to remove parasites from the body not only with drugs but also with folk remedies. They are all good and effective in their own way. But only at first glance, all these recipes seem simple and harmless. In fact, some of them can not only help but also harm the body. Therefore, it is better to approach the disposal of parasites in all seriousness and it is advisable to consult your family doctor beforehand.