Any werewolf: description, photos


The most common diseases of helminthiasis among children and adults. The body of the human organism with various worms. There is a perception, remote medical Archlord just hit the digestive system, in reality, almost all the internal organs of the organism worms – liver, lung, heart, brain, head, Nov as well as tissue, subcutaneous tissue, and the eye. The article states there are what about Kurdish people.


There are numerous helminth, torture, human, below, the most common of them. Intestinal worms of most any 3-x group – trematodes, or nematodes sestod.

Trematodes – this class, nearly 40 kinds of intestinal worms intestinal parasitic worms known flat shapes, is an amazing human being. The most common:

  • cat or Siberian fluke (opisthorchiasis why);
  • schistosoma schistosomiasis which caused).

Sestod this strip of flat worms. The digestive system is missing the hook by the representatives. The most common human effects:

  • Stephen Libra (why beef tapeworm infection);
  • Stephen pork (causing cysticercosis);
  • echinococcosis (hydatid cyst why).

Round worms, round worms, primarily cavity. Common worms influence:

  • pinworms;
  • roundworm;
  • whipworm.

Werewolf — the photo symptoms (most helminth effects on the digestive system, therefore, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, bowel obstruction, inexplicable weight loss, loss of appetite, or extreme hunger):

Or Siberian cat butterfly

Or Siberian cat butterfly

Cat or Siberian fluke – lanceolate liver flukes form a small noise from the group. Pathogen Disease opisthorchiasis. Fluke cat reaches the length of 8-18 mm, width – 1,2-2 mm. Two main parasites, organisms evolving, Dec and last. Dec main – shellfish and fish, the carp is the last man.

Together with feces of infected people and animals the eggs into fresh water, shellfish swallow them. Stage invasive oyster to reach the egg in the body filigree, filigree carp fishing oysters and leave the body embedded within, or fall when fish shellfish organisms. Fish parasites in the body reach a size cyst in evolving meta filigree 0,17-0,21 mm.

When an infected fish leave an infected person's body meta filigree cysts, it passes through the stomach and intestines the liver and bile ducts. Remains in these organs and the organism reaches the sexually mature stage after about 10-12 days, the eggs begin to lay. The butterfly the cat in the human body of organisms that may be up to 10-20 years.


Schistosoma – blood worms. This flat dioik worms, reaches a length of 4-20 mm, width – 0.25 mm. Schistosoma body has 2 vacuum – they are located close to each other, and your wife's mouth. Schistosoma male female longer and more slender. Longitudinal groove in the body there is a man, with his help, that she keeps a woman. Eggs are 0.1 mm in diameter, an oval shape, a huge spike in a pole on a surface.

Human human human parasite Schistosoma organisms, the role of the Wolf the last moment their small blood vessels, bowel, abdominal cavity, uterus, bladder. Fed with the blood of the Wolf, partially absorb nutrients through the manicure. Schistosoma eggs moved bowel and bladder, where the flesh is one, and is excreted with stool or urine output. In fresh water egg, larva, her Dec host – shellfish. Filigree filigree the meta object develop in the body 4-8 weeks.

Stephen Libra

Stephen Bull

Stephen Libra – ribbon cattle tapeworm infection is a disease that calls for interference. These large worms, which grow up gifted 3-12 meters long. Parasites that are found in the body in small head diameter 3 mm, cervix, as well as about 1000 segments. The thermal performance of the human body after he was shot along with raw meat adheres to the intestinal wall using 4 bound freecell-x suction cup.

This sets out hermaphrodite segments helminth eggs, postponed until a sample of 600 million eggs each year. Such worms in humans, the parasite in the intestine more than 20 years and, if not treated in time.

Stephen's pork

Pork like Stephen, Libra, 4 suction cups in the body, but the body of the device in addition to another couple of helminth whisk hook. Reaches two to three feet long. The pork tapeworm trilobal of the ovaries, of the uterus on each side is 7 to 12 branches. This characteristic of helminth – talent navigation segments anal hole. The shell is dry and then go out and explode them, thus helminth eggs fall to the external environment. Dec main the tapeworm can be a pig and a man.

Basic master is a human. Between the pork tapeworm intestinal parasites human worms your stay, bowel sick leaves where the eggs. ET is the result of invasive infection used.


Hydatidosis pathogen reaches a length of from 3-5 mm. Head crown and two points in which the four suction cups hook – and-three-four segments. The last segments with advanced reproductive system. Their main Dec animals or people, the final boss – dog, wolf. Oral infection caused by by.

Echinococcosis enters the intestine where the larva from the egg. Larvae penetrate the hook of using the portal vein, where blood along with the transplanted liver, the lungs, the texture of Nov.



Pinworms, round worms, viruses, enterobiasis, supposedly wanted to the disease. Greatly pinworm infection are children. Caused by infection and oral communication-by the House. This wolf Calais determination.

Out-of-worms pinworms male a tour of 5-10 mm in length – 3 mm. Pinworms have the body shape fuziform white milky. The woman body is slightly conical on the end. Wolf the parasite in human intestine adult in small and large vesicles in the lower part of the attaching head through a wall. For the eggs, the female pinworm migrates to the rectum, creep outward an egg, in the field of the anal hole, which happens after. Invasive egg into 4-6 hours on hold already. Time pinworms – a – two months.


Roundworm – the representatives of the class still alone round worms, parasites, pathogenic ascariasis. These worms are yellowish-pink color, long, spindle-shaped, dioecious. Female Ascaris can grow 20-40 centimeters, reach 15-25 cm in length men. Every day, adult out-of-round leaves, along with more than 200 thousand eggs a stool in front of the person with the external environment invasive happens 12-14 days.

The human body as parasites in the gastrointestinal tract localized mostly in the small intestine. Full development cycle-invasive sexually mature until about 3 months in the egg stage.


Whipworm, round worm, trichocephalus why. Thin brown thin round worms and attacks enemies a round to constitute the front part, a rear end. Female whipworm can grow to 3,5-5,5 CM, and male – 3-4,5 cm. The larvae of intestinal worms, localized the human cecum, where sexual maturity and the stage of the parasite until it lay eggs in there. Occupation shows that a large colon worm infestations including.

Female lay thousands of eggs every day whipworm 3,5. Barrel form, helminth eggs, coated, thick brown shell, located at the poles, colorless "operculum". The soil into the egg along with bowel movements, a basic home owner if you are the appropriate conditions they invasive properties of savings in two years. Day parasitism, human intestinal – 5-7 years.