Werewolf: photos, symptoms, treatment

280 Wolf Science degree ever known kind capable of disease in various organs and tissues in the human body to evolve and live. Human intestinal worms infection frequency depends on the climate and socio-economic conditions, specific regions (least developed countries, especially those in tropical and subtropical zone, economically developed countries parasitic infections are significantly higher level).

Tract infection, human worms:

  • Bioelements (infection, animal).
  • Helminthiasis infectious (person-to-person way).
  • Geo helminthiasis (parasites the animal, a conductive life-cycle on Earth).
human parasites symptoms and treatment

Factors, symptoms helminths

A parasitic organism in a way that permeates is:

  • The human body is extremely fit helmints;
  • Population density (number) intestinal parasite individuals;
  • Habitat worm (parasites live the fabric is thick, transparent living spaces of soft tissue and hollow organs). Some worms have different phases and a transparent texture and shape. At the developing stage and the Larval worms are usually, why is that pathological change.

In the absence of re-infection, the number of adult parasites in the human body does not increase. Helminthic infestation this feature significantly distinguishes diseases caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and single-celled organisms.

Werewolf: the symptoms

Helminthiasis – a disease since this is a typical scene of 2 course (acute, from two weeks to two months) and chronic (from a few months to a few years).

Acute phase symptoms of helminthiasis

The first symptoms of the disease may occur in a different time period (usually 2-3 weeks, ascariasis – filariose, and the incubation period may take 2-3 days 6-18 months).

The most characteristic symptom in the acute stage of a parasite infestation an allergic reaction (the production of dies, antibodies, antigens of parasites, migrating larvae). Most of the time, people are prone to an itchy rash that appear on the skin of the infected worms recidiviruyushiy down, increasing the regional lymph nodes may experience generalized or local edema, and joint pain Dec. In addition, the migrating larvae of parasites that may be caused by chest pain, coughing, choking episodes, disorder, constipation, nausea, and vomiting.

At the same time more serious disorders that may accompany helminthiasis acute phase (severe pneumonia, hepatitis, allergic myocarditis, hepatosplenomegaly (liver and spleen).

Increases the amount of blood, eosinophils (granuloma) and a normal quantity of fractures the ratio between protein fractions (dysproteinemia).

human parasites

Chronic helminthiasis symptoms

The chronic phase symptoms of the organ which is directly connected to "moved to Dessau" parasites, play an important role and at the same time, their size and number.

So, only individuals may be asymptomatic intestinal parasitism disease (except of parasite infection). Typical symptoms include intestinal helminths dyspeptic disorders chronic phase. Children greatly asthenoneurotic syndrome, and pain expression. This may develop a large Ascaris infestations, intestinal obstruction, obstructive jaundice and pancreatitis.

Offered by consuming waste materials from the body for the owner, causes worms, digestive disorders, malabsorption, vitamin, mineral, carbohydrate, protein and fat. Waste products reduce intestinal worms at the same time, the normal immune power of the body and lower the intestinal microflora.

Helminthiasis in some people due to a weakened immune system, and enhanced the cell division process (result permanent recovery of corrupted tissue, parasites) significantly increases the risk of malignant tumors.

Type worms, intestinal parasites in the human body

For human helminth pathogens 2 types of worms: round (round worms) and flat (ribbon and Wolves).

Round worms


Causing enterobiasis parasites – small (up to 10mm) cavity thin worms with a grayish-white coloring. Caused by infection of the digestive tract (through the mouth). The reason for this is dirty hands. Parasite eggs can be on the Earth, infected animals, wool, unwashed fruits and vegetables, etc. however, this is a jade Samsara enterobiasis situations (especially in children), itching, scratching areas and then ingesting the eggs are born. Pinworm larvae developing in the digestive system for two weeks. Became adult specimen, thin sections of the upper colon in the bottom of the worm attacks.

human parasites pinworms


A big noise Ascaris fusiform shape, red-yellow in adulthood, reaching 40 cm (female) and 15-25 cm (male). Does not have suction, or other transactional fixtures, ascaris capable of independent movement of food to accommodate the masses. Eggs, pending non-interference with one stool.

Ascariasis infection causes a mature egg if swallowed with water, or unwashed fruits and vegetables was available on soil particles. The eggs then mature larvae intestinal penetration of the views. Then, research the intestinal wall, they reach the heart and the blood easy to fall from there. Ile lung alveoli roundworm larvae penetrate the oral cavity and respiratory tract again. Then again swallowed, the parasite reaches the small intestine, where it grows and an adult individual. The worm alive for a period of 12 months, then, becomes secreted in the feces together. Bowel as a host to live, and a few hundred people.


Whipworm, trichuriasis pathogenic, this guy white color come in the intestine, reaching the large intestine parasite parasitic and sizes in the Startup section of 4-5 cm blood and tissue the rectal mucosa.

Whipworm eggs are deferred, then along the outside of the intestinal walls and thermal masses. The development environment is the result of their (best – to-Earth). The parasite enters the body by digestion with eggs and their larvae mature, over to dirty hands or unwashed fruits and vegetables and water.

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Trichinosis pathogen – reaching this little man come round intestine 2-5 mm long. Messing with infection is the result of eating roasted meat (pork, bear meat, pig, or). Piercing, intestinal worms, parasites the situation until it matures 3-4 days in sexually mature individuals. Life after approximately 40 days of worms, the parasite dies. The intestinal wall the larvae infestation survival pro, blood and transplanted organs by the human who inhabits the body Nov. In this case, are affected most often, respiratory and facial muscles, as well as Nov-extremity flexor.

Patient complaints and infestations abdominal pain after the first day. Then, about 2 weeks after the body temperature rises to 39-40 With an itchy rash develops on the skin that appear Nov pain, facial swelling. This period, in this case a big infection a significant risk of death. A healing that comes in about a month. Encapsulated parasites in the form of a spiral, then die within two years.

Necator and Ancylostoma

Between these two parasites at the same time and featured a similar demand of the organism for biological diseases. Accept merge with them in this regard under the heading of general (hookworm). Worms, reaching 10-15 mm in length, noise, 12-p. intestinal. Needless to say, this is the most common, but at the same time, quite rare parasites detected. The penetration of the larval worms in the human body by contact with contaminated soil leather covers. Forward, the bloodstream, like them, roundworm, immigration and the light, then the bronchi, along with otharkivajushee phlegm – digestive system. Hookworm attacks, bowel, installing the intestinal wall. Only blood fed the parasite, bites piercing, injected into the blood vessels in the lining of the anticoagulant component there. The adult can absorb daily average 0,05-0,35 ml of blood. For this reason, this iron deficiency anemia is the most characteristic symptom of helminthiasis and the rate of change in protein fractions (dysproteinemia).

Flat worms

Offered tapeworm

This is the biggest, reaching 10 to 20 meters in length helminth. It is a disease, why is a parasite called data difillobotrioz. The development cycle begins with the worm, freshwater fish or crustaceans. The human body, with a final master problem-free accommodation, internet, danger, larvae ingested along with caviar or Filet-O-Fish Oil. Reaching, small bowel, parasite glued on her wall until it grows within 20-25 days and sexually mature individuals.

Hepatic Fluke

This flat worm parasite seeking opisthorchiasis reaching 7-20 mm in length. it should be noted, 50% more than in the cases of hepatic glucose infection (still cat his name is Fluke) are residents of Russia. The parasite larvae begin to develop after being hit, the eggs of fresh water (snails, swallowing them most). The more they penetrate the body of fish (carp, carp, Bream, Roach). Human's infection by eating infected fish, meat, not enough to be able to pass a thermal process. Larvae penetrate the small intestine and gall bladder bile ducts and liver fluke repair there using two suction cups.

Stephen, beef and pork

This is pretty much the same, his own nature parasites reach lengths of 5-6 feet. Pork or beef Taeniasis tapeworm infection infectious bovine drinking because the infected Finns (a form of helminthiasis Dec). The Finns reaching 0.5 cm in size with appropriate presented in the form of whitish bubbles it is attached to the Wall, small intestine, and 3 months into an adult human individual. More than 2000 ribbon segments of the parasite, is increasing continuously. This is the last member containing eggs, detached and independent of action in the colon this anal hole, and then browsing through the anus or stool with the external environment. The most characteristic symptoms of helminthiasis corruption, the digestive system.


Dec a human host this parasite. The worm attacks in the human body as Finns. Cyst the last moment – a wolf, a dog or cat. By digestion of infection caused by contact with animals and objects, environment, insemination, egg cysts. Bowel improve them after he was shot at onkofar A. (shestigrannyy larvae). Intestinal they're going into the body and blood is transferred.

Plants vetokoukku

The most dangerous helminth parasite that causes this regarded as a kind of cyst (alveococcosis ) is similar to an infiltration of violence, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Infection caused by penetration of the oncosphere (larvae Mature eggs) of intestinal. There the embryo emerges from the egg and penetrate the intestinal wall and the blood stream research. Then, it spreads interference with blood flow of all tissues and organs in the body (most often localized in the liver). So there begins the basic development the larvae stage (balloon multilocularis, labaroche). Each camera head noise the concept of embryonic, medium, develops slowly. Eurocity very aggressive formation, is constantly growing, because growing bubbles, as well as capable sprout liver cancer metastasis.

Diagnostic helminth

Diagnostic worm invasions includes the following activities:

  • a careful history, help to find possible causes of infection;
  • laboratory tests, stool, blood, 12p content colon, rectal, and perianal mucus, Nov tissue, lungs, phlegm, bile. Every time a eggs which can be detected with analysis, members or parts of parasites. However, if you have increased blood eosinophil signal, helminthiasis.
  • in the diagnosis of diseases, parasites larval stages why or fabric made serological studies (Elisa, DGC, reaction of indirect agglutination, history, analysis, etc.).
  • detection of helminth affecting liver tissue, assigns, ultrasound, CT and endoscopic studies first.

Werewolf: treatment

Parasitic infection acute phase assigned to the patient detoxification and desensitization therapy. When severe disease (this trematode liver, trichinosis) glucocorticoids and is used for medical reasons.

Special warning this medicine in the treatment of the specific nature of a given chemotherapeutic agents assigned trottevieille.

In parallel with this, the intake of enterosorbents and antihistamines recommended to the patient. In the final stage of treatment includes the use of probiotics, normalize the intestinal microflora.

That are assigned a special light diet (that contains easily digestible food should be low-fat).

In the period of treatment required for the patient protivoglistnie strict adherence to personal hygiene (to prevent re-infection). At the same time, many individuals infected in the treatment of helminthiasis and all family members must go through constant contact.