14 people living parasite


Furniture, wallpaper, cushions – all your favorite places of life in a small, flat insects known as bed bugs. People who choose to live near them to feed their own pets or shelter for the night, warm human blood smoothly from here.

This is not a bug, disease-carrying, however, may cause an allergic reaction. A powerful sting if you comb, you can add a half infection. Antiseptic treatment bite, or accept antigistaminnoe tool.


These insects feed on human blood. Contrary to the current, according to live, not just bass, but overall the entire body.

Head lice are most easily understood through close contact with someone who they already have, the fight - in a variety of ways, including a special shampoo.


Causes scabies mites penetrate into the skin and lay eggs there. Infection occurs on the skin and prolonged contact with the sick person.

This is the symptoms of scabies itching, rash, peel, and education of the affected skin surface. Special treatment is a drug.

STEPHEN's pork

This parasite is most commonly ingested ready bad meat, pork, but at the same time, the transfer stool is in contact with an infected person or animal.

Parasite strike the gut and the brain, which leads to the disease, that calls a headache. Depending on the severity of the disease, treatment or ever made, or surgical techniques that are used.

Parasites the life of the building close to us (and even US), and we have no suspects in this regard

Naegleria fowleri

Fowler Nigeria

Naegleria fowleri – amoeba life of warm, fresh water is most common in South-East Asia and Asia spanning the human body, and the nose in contact with water while bathing.

Why amebik the primary meningoencephalitis – a disease in which the brain crashes. The symptoms of the disease: headache, high fever, vomiting, confusion, convulsions, balance disturbances, and loss of consciousness. Currently, only experimental drugs for this disease, therefore, it is highly unlikely for now with the survival rate.


A group of worms (round , Trichinella, pinworms, and so on). The most striking of these is the intestine. But a kind, the caller trichinosis, the attacks Nov.

Symptoms such as infection parasites: abdominal pain (roundworm), blood loss and anemia , itching of the anus (pinworm), pain, fever, swelling of the face, redness of the eyes, skin rashes (Trichinella), glue, and liquid blood in stool, the colon mucosal damage (whipworm).

Getting rid of parasites such as using medicinal drugs, recommended by a doctor.


If, after a journey you began nature of torture symptoms such as diarrhea, bloating, cramping, nausea, and then - the final result - the definitive organism entered, this malicious parasite. Infect food and water with feces of an infected person or animal in contact with with possible. Fortunately, it's a drug for the treatment of fast and expensive.


This noise that causes Chagas disease is a dangerous for life. It's a bug that spreads the disease special. Symptoms – fever, fatigue, head aches and Nov, skin rashes, loss of appetite, diarrhea, vomiting, and swelling of the eyelids – manifested very quickly.

Chagas disease

Defeat chronic disease that can cause, heart and gut. The disease treatment with a special drug.

The kriptorsid

The effects of these intestinal parasites. Of course, they through contact with feces of an infected person or animal. The most common infection occurs in the bathroom. The callee diarrhea can go on for a long time them, but usually does not require treatment.

Plasmodium falciparum;

This parasite causing the malaria mosquito. Anyone who causes such malaria is considered the most dangerous and more death.

Symptoms are similar to flu symptoms – chills, fever, nausea and vomiting. For the establishment, diagnostic, laboratory examination, and blood. The main thing to remember - the early you start treatment, the more increases the chance of survival of the patient.


Titled The causes of this parasitic disease trichomoniasis. Most infected have no symptoms. But some of you may feel itching, burning or irritation of the genital area. The disease is treated with antibiotics.


Doctors still don't know how this parasite destroyed, large intestine, ingested. Asymptomatic disease and some other complaints, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

DIENTAMEBAFRAGILIS (Dientamoeba fragilis) is located in all regions of the world. The doctor may prescribe special drugs for struggling with this pathogen.

Toxoplasma gondii

Feels like the home of this parasite, meat, water and cat feces. In humans toxoplasma causes disease with a similar name - toxoplasmosis. Influenza and its symptoms are sometimes similar.

Pregnant women and immunocompromised individuals, the symptoms may be more severe, for example a toxoplasmosis cysts may occur, Nov, brain, and even... in the eyes. Drug treatment is assigned if necessary.


Parasites that cause disease (the scientific name dracunculus medinensis), measures related to dissemination of knowledge through nowadays almost does not occur. The absorption of water during the parasite was ingested copepods raki, infected larvae parasite.

Intestine in the human body grow, then migration to lymphatic vessels, and from there penetrate the skin and subcutaneous tissue localized. Among the symptoms can be fever, swelling and pain in a place of localization of the worm. So the first symptoms of infection, but it may take years. And there is a cure.